Testimonials for 'Art of the Upset'




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"Art of The Upset" features many of my beliefs. It will give you a positive approach to life and sports."




"I thought as I read the book that you were well trained as a player and young coach! The book is based on very solid principles that withstand the test of time. Football is a game of mental and physical preparation and your book is a very good study of both. I truly enjoyed the book."




"I had the opportunity to work with several of Bruce's former players. I could see that there was a major difference between the former players and other employees. The people who had played for Bruce all had great attitudes. They would volunteer for the toughest jobs and would not accept defeat. They were always upbeat and led with enthusiasm. Although I did not understand what was driving them, I always would look for them as my go-to employees. I have recently read Bruce's book and I now understand why the ex-players were such great employees. Bruce is not just an outstanding football coach. He is a great motivator, and was able to develop the character in his players that we would all like to see in all of the young people of this Country. I recommend this book to parents, business executives, mentors, coaches and anyone looking for positive leadership direction.




"I read 'Art of the Upset' in a couple of nights and thoroughly enjoyed it. The theme of the book is far emoting. Like the Delaware vs. Navy game in 1986, I found upsets have a chance of taking place because people over evaluate one team and under regard the other."




"Although the theme of this book is about how underdogs can pull off the big win, Reynolds emphasizes that "the principles of the upset can be applied to any profession and walk of life." So, if you're looking for an inspirational read that will give you "a blueprint for success," then check out "Art Of The Upset."

DR. GREG SHEPARD, BFS Magazine (July/August 2009 edition)



"It's the first time I have ever read a book cover to cover in one sitting! "Art of the Upset" is a "must read" book for anyone because it is most inspirational and the stories are captivating. It goes beyond football and applies to all sports, business, and daily life. It gave an old coach a new outlook. After reading it I felt I could accomplish anything. This is a book for everyone's library."





“Nobody perfected the art of winning better than Bruce Reynolds during his days as the football coach at William Penn High in New Castle, Delaware, where he was the first in state history with 200 victories. To get there, the Colonials followed a path carved out by their coach. Along the way, qualities such as commitment, togetherness and discipline were just as critical as football’s basic elements of skill, strength and speed, each honed through repetition and often executed with clever design. Reynolds knew exactly what it took to get there, and his teams’ numerous conference and state championships, as well as the consistency and diligence with which they played, were a testament to his approach.”


KEVIN TRESOLINI, sportswriter, The News Journal (Wilmington, DE)



“I continue to draw on the values of teamwork, perseverance, and pride in preparation instilled by Coach Reynolds in the daily pursuit of professional success.”


JOE TAYLOR, William Penn ’99, Attorney, Washington, D.C.



“The William Penn football program taught me all the things I needed to be successful in life. I learned leadership, determination, good character, and hard work. Bruce Reynolds, by example, showed me the man I wanted to become. I am forever in debt to the man and the program who gave me the greatest education I’ve ever had.”


CARL EATON, ’93, Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist, Indiana Pacers



“I can still vividly remember the adrenaline rush I got after a pre-game speech from Coach Reynolds. He had a way of motivating and inspiring that convinced you that you could beat anyone! We were always prepared both mentally and physically. He not only coached us in football, but he coached us to be outstanding students and citizens. For me, there is no better coach, of football and of life, than Bruce Reynolds!”


JEFF HOCKENBROCK, William Penn ’96, Yale 2000



“Coach Reynolds is by far the most motivational and inspiring coach I’ve ever had, so the success of this book will be no surprise. Coach had us believing we could beat any team in the country when we left the locker room, and our senior year we probably could have. To this day I still get emotional when I hear “Eye of the Tiger.” I can assure you I will be using everything I can from this book to inspire and motivate my own team every chance I get.”


RAHSAAN MATTHEWS, William Penn ’96, Head Coach Pencader Charter H. S., New Castle, DE