About Bruce Reynolds and "Art of the Upset"




About the Author

About "Art of the Upset":

Every coach who takes his or her sport seriously has dreamed of the day when everything falls into place and the game that no one thought could be won—is.

I have always been fascinated with the psychology and the philosophy of how to pull off the big “upset”. My book, Art of the Upset, is a “how-to” book for the coach. But, the principles of the upset can be applied to any profession and walk of life. I have drawn heavily from my own coaching career and career in politics to illustrate the concepts involved in the process of pulling off the upset. I have also researched and drawn from historical, professional, college, Olympic and world events to make the telling of the process come alive.

I believe this book is unique and would be beneficial to any and all who desire to be successful and to accomplish the seemingly impossible. It is a blueprint for success.

About Coach Bruce Reynolds:

Bruce Reynolds is a former 27 year high school head football coach and member of Delaware’s Hall of Fame with 218 wins and seven State Championships.

Coach Reynolds was also an eighteen-year member of the Delaware House of Representatives, serving as the Chairman of the Education Committee. He has enjoyed speaking, doing motivational work and serving as emcee for hundreds of political, business, education and sports banquets and conferences.

His book is a compilation of his experiences and the sum of what he has learned about the Art of the Upset. It also represents his desire to continue sharing that knowledge with others through writing and speaking.